The proud history of a hotel in the cotswolds

The Snooty Fox was Hatton Hotels very first property, acquired in 1981. The pub’s been at the heart of Tetbury for more years than anyone cares to remember and it’s still a central feature of town life.

"It’s hard, looking at Tetbury’s ‘Snooty Fox’ today, to imagine it any other way."

The pub was originally The White Hart, but legend has it that the name was changed by previous owner, industrialist and entrepreneur, Maxwell Joseph.

So the story goes, Maxwell wanted to ride with the local hunt, The Beaufort. The hunt was rather disparaging about his industrial background – even though they were happy to meet in the bar of his pub – and black-balled him. Maxwell responded by kicking them out and renaming the pub The Snooty Fox. They’ve not been back since (although they’re very welcome…) and the name has very firmly stuck.

Of course, The Snooty Fox has – or rather ‘had’ its own resident fox. Foxy, a large stuffed fox who lived in the entrance hall, disappeared five years ago and has not been seen since. He does, however, send us postcards from time to time – we’ve had them from Hawaii, Canada, South Africa and all over the world. You can see a few of them on display in the hallway. He seems to be enjoying his travels.

The foxy pictures on the walls are originals too, drawn by the same artist who drew the Guinness Toucan in the firms ads in the 1940s.